Medical Press Release

During 2011, the Goldsborough Company and its subsidiary Sunbiz Energy Solutions successfully provided Energy Efficiency Services to a limited number of standalone midsize Medical Facilities in the Tampa Bay area. We understand that within the Medical Profession the standards for energy efficiency and healthier/safer work environments are among the highest. Not only are these professionals providing their employees and patients with a more comfortable and healthier environment, but they are also raising the bar with better energy efficiency practices. 

It is because of these higher occupational standards and potential lower insurance reimbursements that doctors are seeking other efficiencies in their medical practice’s. This is why we strive to make our projects the most cost-effective as possible while often creating investment-grade capital improvements with positive cash flows only within a few short years.

Our goal in 2012 will be to continue providing our services to the small to midsize, standalone medical facilities.  This will include the traditional general contracting, preventative maintenance, carefully planned life-cycle optimization, and targeted energy efficiency projects.

Design/Build Contractor

Additions and Renovations


Roofing/Roofing Repairs

Preventive Maintenance

Through careful building analysis, we can quickly bring to focus resource saving ($) Energy Conservation Measures (EMC’s) that can be prioritized and implemented based on their urgency, cost-benefit/Payback analysis, and health and comfort considerations.

Building Weatherization

Insulation improvements

Ductwork repairs and improvements

HVAC replacements & retro commissioning

Lighting replacements & retrofits

Window replacements & tinting

Solar Electric and Water Heating

It is typical for these and other energy conservation measures ECM’s to provide a full return on investment within a few years and then provide a continued revenue stream for future projects and/or to simply increase the bottom line indefinitely into the future. Additionally, these health and comfort improvements have immediate payback in both patient satisfaction and increased employee productivity.

Our work provides real  health, comfort and financial dividends.

Do it to make your staff and clients more comfortable.

Do it for your health.   Do it for the environment.

Do it for the savings.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you do it.

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Historical Preservation Performance Contracting: Energy Efficiency For Historic Structures

Energy efficiency and conservation are not just for contemporary homes and newer commercial buildings. In fact, Energy Efficient Conservation Measures (ECM’s) carefully applied to historical structures, generally produce greater reductions in energy consumption, and much improved levels of comfort, health and safety. This should be no surprise because most historic structures were designed and built without any consideration of energy efficiency.

But slowdown for just a moment and think about the irreversible damage that you could do without careful consideration to preserving the home’s historic features. Planning the historic home energy retrofit requires extra time and careful planning Being aware and adhering to regulations and oversight, applicable to the community and historic district where your home and business may be located is extremely important. Lastly, seeking professional advice from Florida licensed Contractor with advanced training as a Building Performance Institute Certified Analysts, or Florida RESNET certified Energy Rater, who additionally specialize in historic preservation, is the key to a successful project.

Understanding that older homes, and historic structures work as a complete system that included their own set of energy efficient features is very important. These features might include tall, double hung windows, large overhangs, tall ceilings and lots of air movement.

Building Performance Institute Certified Contractors (BPI) understand your historic home as a system. Taking a holistic approach to cure wasteful energy consumption, and unwanted air infiltration requires comprehensive building analysis and advanced diagnostic testing equipment. Improving the energy efficiency in the home or office involves paying careful attention to preserving the buildings unique character during the remodel, preserving the original energy efficient features of the home, and ensuring the continued durability for future generations.

Historical Preservation Performance Contracting( HPPC) uses the cost savings from reduced energy consumption to repay the cost of installing energy conservation measures. These cost savings are added to available federal and state tax credits as well as utility rebates. Not all improvements can be measured in dollars and cents. Significant improvements in comfort, health and safety are and additional driving force in Historic Preservation Performance Contracting (HPPC).

If you own a historic structure and you have any of the following issues, get a comprehensive energy audit and energy efficiency retrofit provided by Sunbiz Energy Inc., a Historic Preservation Performance Contractor.( HPPC)

  • High energy bills
  • Health issues like mold and mildew
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Comfort issues like hot and cold rooms
  • High humidity. Very common in older southern homes.
  • A desire to lower your carbon footprint and be more energy efficient

Additionally, if you are remodeling or replacing your HVAC equipment these provide additional opportunities to improve your energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety of your home and business. If you are considering an addition or renovation, a Comprehensive Energy Audit should be performed, and cost-effective remedies the audit reveals included in the scope of your project. There will never be a better time to correct building envelope, and insulation problems associated with your building them while you are under construction with a renovation and or addition.

If you are considering replacing your HVAC equipment. Energy efficiency improvements prior to replacing the equipment allow you to “right size” your new equipment ensuring a longer equipment lifecycle. Now you can confidently purchase a smaller less expensive piece of equipment that will last longer because of projected lower usage.

Now is the time for an Comprehensive Energy Audit

Goldsborough Company & Sunbiz Energy Inc

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Residential and Commercial Additions & Renovations

Historic Preservation & Custom Homes

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Home Performance Contracting

Home Performance Contracting……Here’s how we do it

The first step in the home performance upgrade process would be for us to meet with our customer listen and learn about their known problems and concerns.

Next we will do a home energy and building evaluation. We call this process the home energy audit or analysis.

Our areas of concern during this audit would include:
The buildings envelope ( wall cavities, roof insulation)
The heating and cooling equipment

The air distribution system (ductwork insulation, ductwork sizing)
The combustion appliances (gas or fuel fired appliances)
Indoor air quality (fumes, mold or contaminated leakage)
Thermostats and controls (installing programmable thermostat’s)
Other energy consuming appliances (pools, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers)
Lighting ( quantitative count of what type of lighting is in use)
Solar opportunities ( solar electric or solar hot water heating)
This information is then entered into the Florida Home Energy Gauge Software for analysis.
Energy Gauge-Energy and Economic Analysis Software provided by Florida Solar Energy Center.
Step two will be for us to identify opportunities and make recommendations for realistic and affordable remedies to correct deficiencies in the homes energy consuming systems and building envelope. This might include minor tuning and tweaking or for example, improvements to the lighting, insulation, windows or air-conditioning.
Next we will assist you in determining what work makes the most sense to achieve energy cost savings and provide the best improvements to the comfort and health of you and your family. Once the work is authorized, the package of recommendations that you determined best achieve’s your goals will be performed by our train staff and specialty contractors.
Finally once the work is complete we will perform a follow-up analysis and provide you with a report that verifies the building performance improvements achieved by our staff and specialty contractor.

Over 25 Years of Building Experience places us in the unique position of knowing the best practices and most useful energy efficiency renewable technologies for our client’s residential homes and commercial buildings.

You can start saving money now, regardless of the rebate, by getting a Sunbiz Energy Solutions comprehensive energy assessment.

Do it to make your home more comfortable.

Do it for your family’s health. Do it for the environment.

Do it for the savings.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you do it.

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A Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard RPS or lack thereof

I read an article this morning that tells the tale of 30 US states that have renewable energy portfolio standards. It is estimated that in those states that have binding RPS standards, they are positioned to grow their renewable energy industries by 250% in order to meet their 2025 goals. What this means for Florida is that while other states are developing and strengthening their renewable energy industries we will continue to sit on the fence and playing patsy with our utility companies and mostly clueless elected officials. Our inability to make a decision to adopt an RPS is going to delay Florida home-grown businesses from ever getting into the game. Other states that are ahead of us, in regards to an RPS, will vigorously develop the industryto meet their 20% standards. When we finally get our act together those out-of-state businesses will come down to Florida and rule. We will neither have the business models will nor the infrastructure to compete with them. What a truly sad state of affairs for the state that has the greatest potential for renewable energy.

Clean Energy Congress

A group of concerned citizens are traveling to Tallahassee June 28 and June 29 to meet and exchange substantive ideas that will promote and address clean energy legislation. The focus for myself is to communicate to my friends and other delegates how important a comprehensive energy plan is to the state of Florida and our country. Our state and national energy policy simultaneously affect our employment, national security, economic and finally our environmental policies. This interconnection is often overlooked. If you make a good or bad decision regarding one of these four interconnected elements the effect is felt in a negative or positive way with the other three. For instance if we want to create jobs it will require a change in our energy policy (i.e. feeding tariffs will stimulate renewable energy production and jobs in that industry) which will have a positive effect on the environment, and our national security and our overall state and national economic well-being. Conversely, continuing to import vast amounts of foreign oil requires a stable Middle East and a commitment of a large military force, it drains our economic resources, it continues to negatively affect our environment and stifles any opportunity to create new jobs.

Visit and support Clean Energy

Please stay tuned for more from the Clean Energy Congress on Monday and Tuesday

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing

Pace allows individual residential, commercial, or industrial property owners to contract with licensed professionals for improvements to their properties for:
Energy efficiency upgrades: Air sealing, installation of efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems, replacement windows, electric vehicle charging equipment, efficient lighting and thermostats.
Renewable energy projects: Solar photovoltaics and Solar water heating.
Wind mitigation projects : Improving roof attachment, secondary water barriers, hurricane resistant shingles, reinforcing roof to wall connections, storm shutters, impact resistant glazing, hurricane resistant doors, gable end bracing.
Local governments can now provide upfront funding for these projects through proceeds of a revenue bond issuance which is repaid through an assessment on participating property owners tax bills.

Only property owners opting into the program will have assessments on their tax bills. Other property owners will not be affected by this financing mechanism.

These improvements will Create Jobs, Inc. Increase Property Values and Conserve Energy by making our homes and businesses more energy efficient.