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Historical Preservation Performance Contracting: Energy Efficiency For Historic Structures

Energy efficiency and conservation are not just for contemporary homes and newer commercial buildings. In fact, Energy Efficient Conservation Measures (ECM’s) carefully applied to historical structures, generally produce greater reductions in energy consumption, and much improved levels of comfort, health and safety. This should be no surprise because most historic structures were designed and built without any consideration of energy efficiency.

But slowdown for just a moment and think about the irreversible damage that you could do without careful consideration to preserving the home’s historic features. Planning the historic home energy retrofit requires extra time and careful planning Being aware and adhering to regulations and oversight, applicable to the community and historic district where your home and business may be located is extremely important. Lastly, seeking professional advice from Florida licensed Contractor with advanced training as a Building Performance Institute Certified Analysts, or Florida RESNET certified Energy Rater, who additionally specialize in historic preservation, is the key to a successful project.

Understanding that older homes, and historic structures work as a complete system that included their own set of energy efficient features is very important. These features might include tall, double hung windows, large overhangs, tall ceilings and lots of air movement.

Building Performance Institute Certified Contractors (BPI) understand your historic home as a system. Taking a holistic approach to cure wasteful energy consumption, and unwanted air infiltration requires comprehensive building analysis and advanced diagnostic testing equipment. Improving the energy efficiency in the home or office involves paying careful attention to preserving the buildings unique character during the remodel, preserving the original energy efficient features of the home, and ensuring the continued durability for future generations.

Historical Preservation Performance Contracting( HPPC) uses the cost savings from reduced energy consumption to repay the cost of installing energy conservation measures. These cost savings are added to available federal and state tax credits as well as utility rebates. Not all improvements can be measured in dollars and cents. Significant improvements in comfort, health and safety are and additional driving force in Historic Preservation Performance Contracting (HPPC).

If you own a historic structure and you have any of the following issues, get a comprehensive energy audit and energy efficiency retrofit provided by Sunbiz Energy Inc., a Historic Preservation Performance Contractor.( HPPC)

  • High energy bills
  • Health issues like mold and mildew
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Comfort issues like hot and cold rooms
  • High humidity. Very common in older southern homes.
  • A desire to lower your carbon footprint and be more energy efficient

Additionally, if you are remodeling or replacing your HVAC equipment these provide additional opportunities to improve your energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety of your home and business. If you are considering an addition or renovation, a Comprehensive Energy Audit should be performed, and cost-effective remedies the audit reveals included in the scope of your project. There will never be a better time to correct building envelope, and insulation problems associated with your building them while you are under construction with a renovation and or addition.

If you are considering replacing your HVAC equipment. Energy efficiency improvements prior to replacing the equipment allow you to “right size” your new equipment ensuring a longer equipment lifecycle. Now you can confidently purchase a smaller less expensive piece of equipment that will last longer because of projected lower usage.

Now is the time for an Comprehensive Energy Audit

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